In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of the importance of sustainability in the built environment. As a result, more and more local developers are looking to build green – that is, to design and construct buildings that are more efficient and have a smaller impact on the environment. In this article, we will discuss the pros of green builds.

So, why are green builds better?

There are many reasons why green buildings are important. First, they are more efficient in their use of resources like water and energy. This not only saves money but also helps to conserve resources. Second, green buildings are better for the climate. They generate less pollution and help to offset the emissions of the building itself.

Finally, green buildings are also becoming more popular with buyers and tenants. In many cases, people are willing to pay more for a home or office that is environmentally friendly. As a result, local buyers see green builds as a sounder investment.

Our Green Builds

As a boutique local construction company, we build our green homes with an actual person in mind, ensuring the best end-user experience and utmost attention to detail.

We want you (our buyers?) to have a calm inner space, free from the disturbance of artificial heating or cooling. The efficiency of a green build can be influenced by the direction of the home to the quality of the windows and doors, and which materials are best suited for the build.

In our harsh local climate, the wind and heat are often overlooked, but have proven to be very important factors to consider when building a new house. For this reason, we use clay bricks which have a higher thermal efficiency value than cement bricks. This is not only better for the durability of the home, but also for insulating the inside of the house.

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